551 students receive degrees at 11th convocation of college

551 students receive degrees at 11th convocation of college


551 students receive degrees at 11th convocation of college

24 January, 2015

Our college’s 11th year convocation was held on Sri G.R. auditorium. Our college secretary Ms. Sheela Balaji led the function by welcoming the guests. Our college principal Ms. Krishnaveni read the annual report of the college. Poojyasri Swamyji presented the degree to the students.

Dr.N.Ravichandran executive director of TVS-Lucas organisation was one of the chief guests for the function. While addressing the students, he mentioned that “The main purpose of education should be for human resource development rather than to get a secured job with a good salary. The graduating students should aim high. To become successful entrepreneurs, students should improve their skills. They should have confidence and should carry out a task with full focus.

The power of today youths is immeasurable. By focusing it in the right path, success can be achieved. Progressive thinking, had work, being responsible, are the qualities one should possess to reach heights. Indians have many talents within them. If we are able to use it in the right way, India can soon become a powerful developed nation. Therefore students should aim high, plan properly and devote themselves towards their goals for their own and country’s development”

Next, Dr. S. Sekar, Governing board member of Bharadhidasan University addressed the students saying “Apart from education, students should improve their ability to converse in English. They should improve their skills. Many jobs requirements are there for students with multilingual knowledge.”

In this convocation, about 397 students received their Bachelor degree, 97 students received their Masters degree and 57 students received degree in Yoga. 9 students got the first 10 places in the university level. Masters of commerce student Ms.Gomathy got second rank in the university level. More than 5000 students graduated from our college till now and many of them work in the Information and technology industries such as Wipro which functions within our campus.

The convocation came to an end after the thank you note by our correspondent Mr.K.Baskar.